Pioneers Behind Crypto Get NFT Recognition with the Cypherpunk Collection

The Cypherpunk Collection is expected to launch one of the most important NFT launches in 2021. It recently revealed and sold its first piece of the limited 30 NFT collection. This collection features original, one-of a kind NFT artworks that honor the pioneers of Bitcoin.

NFT designers are confident that their collection will be a strong competitor to CryptoPunks, with similar cultural impact and skyrocketing capitalization. The CryptoPunks complete collection currently has 9999 NFTs, and a combined market capitalization of more than $1 billion. This collection, which only has 30 NFTs, will be more rare and thus more valuable in the future.

A Tribute to the Original Cryptography Enthusiasts

The Cypherpunk NFT Collection is a tribute to the cypherpunk movement which fueled the creations of Bitcoin and the Blockchain. The belief of Cypherpunks is that technology can empower individuals, free them from government control and give them the right to privacy. They strongly support encryption and Bitcoins use to promote financial sovereignty.

David Chaum, the inventor of the first electronic cash, Adam Back, CEO at Blockstream, Hal Finney (Bitcoin coder and the recipient of the first BTC transactions), are some of the pioneering cypherpunks. Satoshi Nakamoto is the anonymous inventor and creator of Bitcoin and the Blockchain. He is the most well-known cypherpunk.

A Chance to Own a Piece Of Cyber-History

NFTs are definitely the rage in 2021. However, not many NFTs are built with the spirit and purpose of a revolution. This financial revolution was possible thanks to the trustless, decentralized technologies created by the Cypherpunks. The Cypherpunk Collection creators invite everyone to feel the spirit of this movement by purchasing an NFT from their limited edition collection.

OpenSea has already put up the first NFTs from the Cypherpunk collection. Every three days, each subsequent NFT will go on sale until all 30 NFTs are sold. Each NFT will have a starting bid that increases by 15%. Some NFTs contain valuable easter eggs.

Visit the Cypherpunk Collection website for more information. There is also a Telegram channel and a Twitter account where you can ask questions and get answers about the project. [email protected] can be reached for specific questions via email.

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