Play 2 Earn NFT Project ‘Goons of Balatroon’ Launches Genesis Goon Card Pack Sale

Tortola, British Virgin Islands (GOB), one of NFT Card Trading’s most exciting and bizarre universes of 2021 has launched their Genesis Goon Card Packs. These packs can be purchased in their online shop starting today.

Goons of Balatroon was a collection that launched in August 2021 and featured 9,696 Goon avatar characters NFTs. Individuals with a Goon Avatar may earn and accumulate $GOB rewards through delisting assets on the market. The unique Goon characters will be featured in a NFT-based trade-to-earn trading game that launches in Q1 2022. It will feature a battle for Balatroon, a mythical land. Players can explore Goon history and learn more about Goon cards. The goal is to win $GOB token rewards. You can take part in the $GOB economy, and you can craft skills that will help you win against your competition.

Newly launched Genesis Packs digital assets contain five Genesis Goon Card NFTs. You can claim the packs in one of three ways. A Goon Avatar NFT owner can receive a free pack and accumulate $GOB on the rewards platform to buy additional packs. Packs can also be purchased with $GOB or $ETH for those who don’t own a Goon Avatar.

The Genesis Packs Sale begins on 22 December and will continue until it is sold out. A Metamask wallet is required to make a purchase. The ImmutableX marketplace will allow packs to be traded immediately.

Genesis Packs can be purchased for 0.0069 $ETH/1000$GOB. Discounts are available for multiple packs. Five random cards are included in each pack. They offer Common (75.17%), Rare (21.42%), Epic (3.144%), Legendary (0.27%) rarity, and are available in a Shiny or Regular edition. The Genesis Packs are not openable at the time of purchase. However, the unpacking functionality will become available in January 2022 ahead of the game’s launch. You can buy, sell, or trade the minted NFTs on Immutable X’s gasless marketplace.

Launching the Genesis Packs was the latest milestone on the Goons of Balatroon’s roadmap. Collectors and fans of Goons can look forward to 2022’s $GOB Token Launch and Game Launch (with a celebration launch celebration), and Crafting Stations that allow players to create new Goon Card NFTs with $GOB and NFT leasing functionality. This allows them to lease their Goons NFT and share the rewards.

Visit the Goons of Balatroon website to purchase a Genesis Pack.

Goons of Balatroon

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