Powder Heroes – First Blockchain Game Clip NFT Collection on Solana

Powder, an AI-powered platform to create gaming content, has teamed up with gaming creators around the globe to transform gaming highlights into iconic NFTs celebrating Blockchain Gaming. The collection includes 1111 collectibles, which will be available for purchase starting December 20.

Powder Heroes is an opportunity for gamers and NFT fans to collect and invest in unique gaming moments. The collection, which is stored on Solana blockchain and created by 13 content creators in collaboration with gaming studios such as Life Beyond, DNAxCAT, and The Sandbox, will include epic streaming highlights that are generated using cutting-edge AI technology. The drop will include clips of three levels of rarity, each NFT unlocking one Mystery clip. Future trading will be possible on secondary marketplaces such as Magic Eden.

NFT holders will be able to purchase a piece from the limited edition, first ever, of Powder Heroes. They also get community perks such as voting rights, in-game prizes for partnered games, and privileged access to creators.

Powder Heroes NFTs is the first step in linking Powder’s game clips infrastructure with the turnkey NFT-mining capabilities. This will allow gamers, creators, and gaming ecosystems to share ownership and tokenize metaverse engagement. Stanislas Coppin, Powder’s CEO says it best:

“Our mission has been to democratize the creation of gaming content. We’re now entering an exciting phase with Powder Heroes – creating a decentralized ecosystem in which NFT holders will be core stakeholders and who will determine the future direction of the project. We intend to fully utilize web3’s potential for the benefit and enjoyment of the gaming community in both game distribution and content creation.

About Powder: Powder was born out of Discord and is backed by $20m+ funding. It’s the ultimate companion app for gamers. Powder allows users to easily source and edit gaming clips regardless of their platform. It automatically generates highlights using AI technology. This makes content creation just as fun as playing video games. Available for iOS, Android, and PC.

For more information, visit Powder Heroes’ site and the latest Medium post about the long-term vision of the project.

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