Premier League And UEFA Seek Legal Advice Over Chelsea Legend’s NFT Collection

John Terry, Chelsea legend, appears to have landed in a soup following his tweet about a collection NFTs which include images of the Premier League Trophies as well as UEFA’s Champions League and Europa League trophies. Chelsea Football Club is looking into the tweets by the ex-defender, as they contain images of the club badge.

Ape Kids Club NFT Collection

The Ape Kid’s Club NFT Collection is an offshoot from the popular NFT collection “Bored Ape yacht Club”, which includes a collection 10,000 digital illustrations. There are 9,999 different NFTs in the Ape Kids Club Collection. He has heavily promoted the NFT collection via his social media accounts.

The NFTs feature cartoons of baby apes and images of the Europa League Trophy, Champions League Trophy, Premier League Trophy, as well as images of the Champions League Trophy. Images of the Chelsea club badge are also included in this collection, which is protected by intellectual and trademark rights.

Premier League And UEFA Less Than Impressed

Terry’s tweets promoting the NFT collection at Twitter have attracted attention from the Premier League thanks to the presence in the collection of the Premier League Trophy. The trophy is protected by trademarks and commercial use requires a licensing agreement.

UEFA also said that it was investigating the matter. The collection included the Champions League and Europa League trophies. UEFA made a brief statement.

“Uefa is serious about protecting its intellectual property rights and we are currently investigating the matter.”

The FA released a statement stating that it was aware of Terry’s NFT promotions on Terry accounts. These accounts also include the FA Cup, England Kit, Community Shield and England Kit.

Chelsea conducts its own investigation

The promotions are being investigated by Chelsea Football Club. The club’s logo, kit and trophies are used in the artwork, infringing numerous copyrights. Chelsea recently rehired Terry as a consultant role at their academy, but they have clarified that they were not involved in the sale or promotion of the NFT collection.

A Popular Collection

Former and current footballers have endorsed the Ape Kids Club and created their own avatars. The collection has been endorsed by former players Ashley Cole and Nigel De Jong. Current players Tammy Abraham and Recce James have also tweeted about it, suggesting that they were involved.

UEFA has not yet released a statement on the collection. Ape Kids Club and their promoters have not commented.

A Growing Space

NFTs are gaining popularity among celebrities, having been promoted by Eminem and John Cena. Now, it seems that footballers have joined the party. NFTs are not without their critics. They have been called a speculative bubble by some and warned that people could lose their investment in them.

Disclaimer: This article is intended for informational purposes only. This article is not intended to be used for legal, tax, investment or financial advice.

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