Prepare for unique 3D animated NFTs with the EschatonCX Project

When choosing NFTs, it is important to have the best graphics. They must be high-quality tokens to increase in value over the long-term, as they are non-fungible. EschatonCX will fill this void with its NFT game. It will release high-quality 3D animated models eschaton robots.

Apart from that, each group will be able to create their own game which will allow others to play it in future. The project will also release a TV series that is based on the metaverse and written by OpenAI.


The EschatonCX NFT series, the first of its kind, is based on the chronology that genuine OpenAI has created. OpenAI was launched by Sam Altman, Elon Musk, and other people.

To be part of the EschatonCX universe you will need to follow some simple but vital rules. Only 8,192 robots will be available for minted individual NFTs tokens via the OpenSea platform. Each week, eschatons fight randomly. The strongest survives.

Everyone has equal chances of winning Battle Royale with a proven fair system. After the sales, the Battle Royale will be the first text-based event. One Champion will be selected and will receive a reward of 92 unique NFTs.

There is no reason to worry as NFTs are not easily burnable and will not explode after a battle. The central idea of the project is that series tales and universes are constantly created by AI and then corrected by authors and collectors.

Every event in the universe has been recorded and produced. The collectors can also vote on openAI plot suggestions to choose story points.


The NFTs also have utility value. This is what the EschatonCX team has included:

  • It is 100% unique and will add value for NFTs.
  • Each NFT will have a random number and prices.
  • Every Battle Rolaye win improves the users NFTs indefinitely.

Apart from that, EschatonCX can be moved freely between Polygon wallets. Although they are limited in number, they are available in four types: Zealots which are common, Acolytes which are uncommon, Heresiarchs which are epic rare and Patriarchs who are the legendary leaders in Enclave.

EscatonCX also has its own coin. Members who purchase NFTs will instantly receive the ESCX token. These tokens can be used within the ecosystem to vote and create stories as well as to purchase and trade goods. You can use tokens on third-party sites or swap services.


EschatonCX users wont just wait for NFTs value to rise. They will be part of something more memorable.

Get ready to join the EschatonCX universe where everything has meaning. Find out the adventures they have in store for you and take part in the NFTs Battle Royale Game and Series. Members will have the chance to make important decisions and receive valuable rewards.

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EschatonCX is your chance to prepare your battle weapons.

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