Rainmaker Games Announces the First Cross-Chain, GameFi-Exclusive NFT Marketplace

Austin, Texas, 9th June, 2022, Chainwire

Rainmaker Games is proud to announce the launch the first ever cross-chain, GameFi-exclusive NFT Marketplace. This platform is part of the popular GameFi platform. Gamers can now access aggregated NFT listings across Web3 with reviews, strategies, and guides all in one place for the first time in GameFi’s history. Rainmaker’s game discovery engine integrates seamlessly with this robust NFT marketplace, enabling the next generation in frictionless gameFI experiences.

Rainmaker Games has always prioritized accessibility and ease-of-use throughout the development process. Their cross-platform and cross-chain NFT marketplace has not changed. Rainmaker Platform also includes comprehensive Game Guides, detailed Buying Guides and data-driven Price Estimates to increase transparency in gaming. Rainmaker’s team selects from thousands of blockchain-based games across multiple chains and aggregates the top GameFi NFT listings across all three Web3 platforms.

Rainmaker’s gaming platform, which is all-in-one, was created by gamers for gamers. Rainmaker takes the guesswork out buying NFTs, and empowers gamers all over the world with data that will allow them to play and invest more smartly. The NFT Marketplace, which includes curated listings, a comprehensive platform for discovery, and user-generated feedback, is the latest addition to an already rich platform that will bring innovation to the industry.

Rainmaker was founded in mid-2021 and has been the leading gaming platform in GameFi Gaming and Blockchain Gaming. Their community has grown steadily and is now in the hundreds of thousands. Rainmaker Games has raised $6.5 million seed funding and is partnering with established games. This generates lots of buzz and fosters meaningful relationships in the ever-expanding web3. Rainmaker Games is now available to trade NFTs with confidence, exchange reviews and connect with like-minded gamers.

Rainmaker Games

Rainmaker Games is the first platform for discovering blockchain games. Gamers from all over the globe can now explore hundreds of games at once, including ratings, daily earnings and reviews, as well as feature write-ups and twitch streams. Rainmaker connects gamers and games like never before, making blockchain gaming accessible worldwide.


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