Renowned Photographer And Videographer Paul Nicklen Joins ‘SAVAGE’ To Highlight The Eco-Friendly Possibilities Of NFTs

The boundaries of photography and the NFT marketplace “SAVAGE” continue to be pushed. The project’s appeal and legitimacy will be increased by Paul Nicklen, a legendary videographer and photographer. Nicklen will contribute to the project as an advisor.

“SAVAGE” x Paul Nicklen

Paul Nicklen is a well-known name in videography and photography. For more than two decades, the Canadian filmmaker and marine biologist Paul Nicklen has captured the most beautiful parts of our planet. He lives an adventurous life, with art and purpose, while advocating for the protection of our planet.

Nicklen was an assignment photographer at National Geographic magazine and Sony Artisan of Imagery. This made him a household name. Paul gained a worldwide audience that was loyal to him and is looking forward for his creative work through his portfolio. His expertise in the field has made him one of the most respected conservationists and polar specialists around the globe. He had never been interested in NFT until recently.

Paul Nicklen has been concerned about the environmental impacts of non-fungible tokens. Memo Atken’s research shows that a single-edition NFT has a carbon footprint equal to driving a car for 1,000km. Paul Nicklen’s mind can be changed by the ‘SAVAGE” marketplace’s benefits and solutions.

What makes ‘SAVAGE Different?

It takes a special mindset to stand out from other non-fungible token markets and platforms. While the focus on video and photo is important, it’s not the only reason that ‘SAVAGE” attracts so much attention. Polygon Studios, Energyweb, and the Crypto Climate Accord are all strong partners of the platform. All parties share the same vision of reducing or nullifying the carbon footprint of NFT applications decentralized.

Polygon’s Proof of-Stake consensus blockchain allows ‘SAVAGE” to have a significantly smaller footprint than networks like Ethereum that rely on Proof of Work. Additionally, any carbon offsets can be made as needed by EnergyWeb and Crypto Climate Accord’s guidance.

The ‘SAVAGE team has created the first carbon-neutral NFT marketplace in the world for 8k video and high resolution photography. Paul Nicklen’s 8k video footage is well-known. It will be a great fit for the ‘SAVAGE’ platform.

According to his Instagram announcement, Nicklen will be an advisor to “SAVAGE” and contribute content to that platform. Partnerships and team expansions such as these are vital to bringing non-fungible tokens into the mainstream.

You can communicate with the team on Discord, Telegram or Instagram to follow the progress of the SAVAGE NFT Marketplace.

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