Republic of DAOs, Sapien Network Launches the sale of NFT Passports

Sapien Network is creating a new-generation ecosystem of social networking that allows DAOs and community members maximize their potential. The project is a community-driven social platform that aims to create new tools and solutions for content organization and communication. It also addresses scaling issues in communities.

Sapien seeks to remove the barriers to control and stop the rapid-growing rate tech autonomy. This has led to a number of data brokers who have accumulated value from a trillion-dollar sector. Surveillance capitalism has weakened autonomy and democracy while users have become commodities. Sapien created a social platform decentralized that allows meaningful conversations, data sovereignty and economic empowerment.

This project is about restoring power to communities by creating the world’s first sovereign digital country, a Republic of DAOs powered with Sapien’s personalized, first-of-its kind NFT passport. It will help different communities to launch DAOs, and create a shared economy that allows everyone to make decisions, harness value, and thrive.

Sapien is humbled by the enthusiasm of the Sapien Network community. Many social media platforms have been selling user data, censoring posts and limiting privacy. We believe it is time to make a change. Sapien will make use of blockchain technology to give back the power of social networking to the people. Sapien’s CMO, Hash K, said that we understand that users are the true value creators in social networks.

Unique NFTs for the Metaverse to Represent Social Ledger Of Interactions

The NFT passport acts as a social catalog of interactions amongst metaverse communities. It represents membership in communities that a holder belongs to and allows for digital identity without compromising privacy or security.

The Founder Sapien NFT Passport holder will have the chance to discover incredible collections of collectables, including historical figures. They also get early access to Sapien’s platform and powerful utilities. When they sign their passport, they can also become founding members the Sapien nation. The Founder Sapien NFT Passport holders can select an avatar from their favorite historical figures and have their photos made into a Machine Learning Art. This will allow them to share their histories and work together to create a common future.

As announced by the team, the presale will run from 14th March to 22nd March 2022 and will only be open to community members who have been approved through the whitelisting process. Everyone else can take part in the public sale on the 23rd March and receive their NFT passport.

Building tools to empower human connections

Sapien, a platform built on the Ethereum Blockchain and Polygon Blockchain is leveraging digital assets to open new frontiers in collaboration between communities and DAOs. Sapien is aiming to build a democratic value economy that allows individuals to connect, interact and work together for mutual benefits.

Sapien is the first nation to be digitally sovereign. Citizenship follows the ownership of the Sapien NFT pass. This nation was created to protect citizens’ digital rights and allow them to take active part in collective actions regarding certain issues. This tribe has the potential to become the only fully-stack democracy in the world, where citizens have access to a variety of tools to help them achieve their goals and contribute to Sapien tribe’s overall success.




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