Samsung Integrates NFT Features For Its New Smart TV Series

NFTs. At home. Your TV. Samsung will bring this technology to the consumer tech market in 2019. Samsung’s new models of the Micro LED, Neo QLED and The Frame ranges were unveiled in advance of this year’s CES (2022). They will include access to the NFT Platform app as well as an analytics dashboard that allows for NFT marketplace aggregation.

Samsung stated that NFTs are in high demand and the need to find a solution to the fragmented viewing landscape of today is greater than ever.

Samsung has unveiled a feature similar to this in their hardware, so it’s not surprising. Samsung Next, Samsung’s venture capital arm, has invested in a variety of NFT and metaverse projects. They also participated in The Sandbox’s $93 million Series B round investment round as well as Ready Player Me’s $13 million Series C investment round.

The hardware side of things is that Samsung’s foundry started making crypto mining hardware in 2018 and provided ASIC mining chips to Bitmain (Chinese crypto mining company). Samsung also began manufacturing and designing its own ASIC mining equipment in the same year. Samsung demonstrated its crypto skills in 2017 by creating a Bitcoin mining system made of 40 Galaxy S5s that were “upcycled”. NFTs are now the industry standard, and Samsung’s latest offering is a real industry first.

Samsung released a press release stating that in 2022 Samsung will introduce the first TV-based NFT explorer/marketplace aggregator. This revolutionary platform lets you browse and purchase your favorite art from one location.

Samsung claims that the TVs are equipped with NFT features, which can be used to “discover, purchase, and trade digital artwork.” The popularity and adoption of NFTs (or non-fungible tokens) has increased in the past year. A similar trend is expected to emerge in 2022.

New smart TVs will feature an integrated platform that allows users to view, trade, view, trade and manage NFTs. The analytics dashboard will allow users to view NFT trade histories and metadata.

Samsung has not yet provided details on which NFT platforms they will integrate with their offering. Samsung has confirmed that NFTs on their new smart TVs will retain the preset dimensions of each piece and pixel specifications. This allows users to “have peace-of-mind that [their] work is impeccable, with true–to-the-original picture quality.” Disclaimer: This article is intended for informational purposes only. This article is not intended to be used for legal, tax, financial or other advice.

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