Silicon Valley Investors Are Pouring Into This New NFT Project With A Business-Focused Community

Mushrooms Club NFT NFT (MCN), announced their new NFT project in February. The excitement is already building in the community. The Club’s official launch will take place on March 31, where it will begin selling products on its website.

Why Mushrooms Club’s name? Because of their popularity and global availability, mushrooms inspired the name of Mushrooms Club. There are over 14,000 species.

The Club is passionately focused on a community-first approach. Weekly giveaways will include NFTs and ETH as prizes. The team hopes to broaden the horizons of the digital and physical worlds through blurring the lines.

About Mushrooms NFT Club

A team of designers, developers, crypto enthusiasts, marketing professionals and marketers created the Mushrooms NFT Club. Its website lists the entire roster of primary team members. You can visit the website to see it all!

The Mushroom team was inspired by the idea of a community that is focused on collaboration and cooperation in the business world. They have created the Mushroom Forest as a platform to help them achieve this goal. Next is the creation of a digital club within the SandBox and Metaverse communities. They are opening the doors for early bird users to discover the endless possibilities offered by the Mushroom Forest in March.

The collection holders of the mushroom avatars will be granted exclusive membership to the Forest. Here, developers, artists, investors, and crypto enthusiasts will come together to share their ideas in order to build a decentralized future.

As part of their membership benefits members can attend live events as well as NFT drops. The team also promised to offer more utility benefits for the community.


The NFT gallery will feature over 300 unique traits, including bodies and mushrooms, as well as backgrounds in beautiful and vivid colors.

Each mushroom is assigned a unique ERC-721 token that can be used to create a non-fungible token on the Ethereum Blockchain. You will be fully responsible for your asset’s ownership and commercial use rights as an NFT owner.


Two minting sessions have been planned by the Forest team for its members. Pre-sales will be open for early-bird members and the public on March 31. You can still get on the waitlist if you wish, but the Club’s Discord channel will provide more details. Charity

Mushroom Club NFT is very saddened about the current situation in Ukraine. The Ukrainian government will receive 50% of our earnings. Together, we can make the world a better one.

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