Six exciting companies to look for at NFT.NYC this year

NFT.NYC 2022 will be here soon, and there is a lot of excitement. The event offers NFT enthusiasts the opportunity to meet, learn from, and invest in projects in some the most creative and innovative NFT projects.

The NFT.NYC 2022 will host over 1,500 speakers and offer an incredible opportunity to learn about any and all things NFT-related.

There are many companies that will be exhibiting their products at the event. Here are some innovative projects worth your attention.


Spielworks is bringing blockchain technology to mass-market gaming. It offers gamers the opportunity to own digital assets and tokens as well as secure token handling and comfortable interaction with outstanding blockchain games. Spielworks can achieve innovative game-models with true play-to earn mechanics.

Spielworks will expand its Womplay cryptocurrency rewards platform and Wombat wallet by adding new high-quality games to the mix and integrating more with leading blockchain networks. The Web 3 gaming platform is one of the fastest-growing in the world and includes NFT staking game Wombat Dungeon Master.


Anomura was launched in 2022 by NFT Director Long Do. It is a next-gen, play-and-earn-strategy role-playing game that features innovative blockchain mechanics, stunning pixel art and contributes to wildlife initiatives.

Virtually Human Studio (VHS), which is the studio behind ZED RUN, has backed Anomura. Anomura is a Web3 game that promotes wildlife conservation awareness. It focuses on accessibility and inclusion for all. You can create your own Anomura with unique traits and habitats.


Portion is an auction house that sells rare and high-end NFT music, art, and collectibles. It was established in 21st century. Portion is a blockchain-based platform that connects collectors and artists. It allows them to sell, invest and own art and collectibles, with provenance and authenticity. Portion supports creators by offering royalty payments on secondary sales and taking zero percent of artist’s work.

Portion Tokens, which are built on Ethereum Blockchain, allow users to vote and decentralize govern the platform’s future. When artists create new NFTs (new tokens), they are released and distributed. These tokens can be used to liquidity mine, artist grants, partnership, and the future of the team.


DFG is a global digital asset and blockchain investment company with over $1 billion in assets under management. DFG was founded in 2015 and is dedicated to the long-term success of blockchain technology. It manages investments throughout the entire blockchain ecosystem.

DFG employs a professional investment team and research team. They focus on creating value through analytic research based upon the most promising and impactful global blockchain projects and Web3.0 projects that will make a paradigm shift in the world. DFG has equity holdings in Circle and LedgerX, Chainsafe and Bloq, Brave and Ripio, as well as being the lead investor in USDC’s development and launch.

Oz Finance

Oz Finance (Oz), a blockchain-based financial institution, combines real-world living with blockchain technology to maximise the potential of ecozones for economic and business growth. TOTOZ token links residential status and business operation status in an international network of ecozones.

Simply by purchasing tokens of a certain value, users can apply for residency or business operations within one of the ecozones. They can then gain access to benefits such as membership in a business-oriented community that has near zero taxes, clear regulations regarding digital assets and decentralized financing (DeFi) services. Oz provides full control over data and privacy to ensure maximum privacy.


OVER, a global open-source AR platform powered with Ethereum Blockchain and based out of Italy, is a worldwide-scale platform. Users can explore a vast array of interactive, live-location-based augmented reality experiences with OVER using their smart glasses or mobile devices.

OVER is setting a new standard for augmented reality experiences. They have created the first content browser that links AR/VR experiences to users’ geolocations. OVER embraces an open-source philosophy. This means that all members of the OVER community can contribute to the platform’s growth.

Disclaimer: This article is intended for informational purposes only. This article is not intended to be used for legal, tax, investment or financial advice.

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