Sneaky Vampire Syndicate Teams Up With Scream Movie Franchise To Bring Real-World Utility To Its NFTs

Collaborations and partnerships can help elevate cryptocurrency and blockchain projects. Sneaky Vampire Syndicate is one of the most prominent NFT projects. It explores a new partnership for Scream. This is the first NFT partnership between a major film franchise and an NFT project. It opens up many possibilities and offers benefits.

Scream Enters the NFT Space

The Scream movies are a Paramount Pictures and Spyglass Media Group production. Most people have heard about them. Many movies from the Scream franchise have been loved by audiences for decades. They are still a popular choice for Halloween movies. The new Scream movie will feature Melissa Barrera and Kyle Gallner as well as Courteney Cox and David Arquette. The Sneaky Vampire Syndicate team capitalises on the buzz surrounding the movie’s release.

It is a significant partnership between Scream (SVS), and Sneaky Vampire Syndicate. Although the NFT project has been a success and is a subject of much debate, it’s a first for partnering with major film releases. It is the first time this has been done by an NFT project. This sets a precedent for future collaborations. Sneaky Vampire Syndicate ad Scream will promote the film before its release on January 14, 2022.

The partnership also brings real-world benefits for Sneaky Vampire Syndicate NFT holders. While the non-fungible token collection provides a lot of utility for holders, there are always opportunities to improve. The number one priority is to blur the line between mainstream media and the NFT space.

What’s in it for SVS Holders?

Scream’s team collaborates with Sneaky Vampire Syndicate to host a fan art contest that begins December 17. Scream and SVS communities are encouraged to submit fan art that is inspired by the official creative assets. All entries submitted by fans will be shared on the @ScreamMovies and SVS social networks.

The contest is open until January 4. This is when the Blood Raffle Entry period begins. It runs until January 10. Scream will distribute several pairs of tickets to SVS holders for advanced screenings in North America during this week. To enter the raffle, all Sneaky Vampire Syndicate NFT holders can use the $BLOOD utility token and win advanced screening tickets.

Participants in the Blood Raffle can also win a limited edition (1 of 500) or a ticket to the film’s official release across cinemas. Holders of SVS NFTs will receive three $BLOOD tokens each day. This allows everyone to participate in the Raffle. The US is the only country that offers advanced screenings and tickets, but limited prints can be sent to all SVS holders around the world.

SVS holders who attend the screenings receive a gift featuring Scream- and SVS-branded merchandise and collectibles. This collaboration will draw more attention to Scream and Sneaky Vampire Syndicate franchises, and set an industry-first within the NFT space.

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