Solana NFT Analytics Platform Rebrands to Hyperspace

Solanalysis, the premier Solana blockchain analytics platform has been rebranded as Hyperspace to better serve the growing NFT market.

With the closing of the seed round’s $4.5 million funding, the platform rebranding also comes at a timely time. Dragonfly and Pantera Capital led the seed round, which also included participation from Solana Capital and Coinbase Ventures as well as Jump Capital and Social Capital.

Hyperspace, which has shifted to NFT trading-focused strategies, has created a new NFT marketplace aggregater integrated to its Solana NFT analytics dashboard. This is a change from the previous version. It will be possible for users to buy NFTs on all Solana NFT markets. Analytics site will also launch an NFT launchpad, which will showcase new NFT collection on the Solana Blockchain.

Today is a significant day. We’re proud to finally announce our rebrand from Solanalysis to and the launch of our NFT aggregator for Solana. Here are some details


Hyperspace was launched as Solanalysis. It has allowed users to track the NFTs in their portfolio or connected wallet since its inception. Hyperspace will be rebranding and integrating smart contracts for all NFT marketplaces listed to provide a seamless experience.

“We want to be the platform in the middle. It’s growth right now for us. Kamil Mafoud, co-founder of Hyperspace, shares his excitement about the possibility of adding a fee to the aggregation section once we have gathered as many eyes.”

Hyperspace claims that they won’t charge any fees for purchases made through their platform (at least not yet). This is to increase market share and decrease friction. If necessary, trades that are facilitated through listed marketplaces will still go directly to the NFT artist. Hyperspace will be able host NFTs in its own marketplace. Users can also list their NFTs there.

Hyperspace also confirmed that they are looking at the creation of a token and the formation a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), for their user community.

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