‘Steam’ for P2E Mobile Gaming: G-Link to Launch Platform NFT, Token

Gaming is in crisis today. G-Link is creating the ultimate Web 3.0 mobile gaming environment that will serve as the gateway to Web 2.0 users.

The gaming potential of mobile devices remains untapped

Traditional gaming is still a large industry, but it is slowing down. Blockchain gaming has huge potential but is yet to be tapped. In 2021, traditional gaming revenue was US$178.37 Billion. This is a 15.1% increase year-over-year. In contrast, the revenue from blockchain gaming jumped to US$2.32 Billion in 2021 Q3, a 722.7% higher year-over-year increase.

Web 3.0 gaming was 1.3% of traditional gaming’s market in 2021. This indicates a large potential for growing market share.

G-Link will connect Web 2.0 users to Web3.0 through mobile gaming. G-Link allows new users to Web 3.0 to have a seamless onboarding process that requires only a familiar Web 2.0 account to begin earning.

What is the potential to connect the gaming community via Web 3.0? Investors who are early will be able:

1. For VIP perks, own the Chief Toad Genesis NFT More GLINK tokens Virtual land

Gamers: Earn for nothing

Have you ever tried blockchain games? Unfortunately, this is the current reality.

G-Link will release casual-to-mid-core games that are actually entertaining. In 2022, four exciting games will be released. Over 10 game developers are also in discussions to expand G-Link’s gameverseplatform.

The following games are coming up:

1. Kartopia — A racing game that is great for solo play and social nights. Card Master — A collectible card game that is perfect for persistent collectors. SPE Colony — A simulation game that builds kingdoms, great for multi-dimensional strategists. Coin Fishing Frenzy — A simple arcade quest game that’s great for chill nights with your friends

You can switch between games at any moment without having to put your previous efforts to waste. G-Link’s GSwap function allows gamers seamless trading between their in-game assets, allowing them to retain all the value that they have earned.

Developers of games: No hassle for Web 3.0

Web 3.0 should allow smaller game developers to launch their dream games.

G-Link was created to address the two most important obstacles to getting games to gamers.

It is expensive and time-consuming to create a blockchain game. G-Link is a layer that reduces fees and allows developers to create interactive games. Developers can also get funding through the GameFi incubator.

It is difficult to reach gamers? G-Link is the best place to find new games on blockchain.

G-Link’s utility-first NFT platform NFT: Chief toad

Chief Toad NFT holders get instant VIP access to G-Link’s gameverse platform. These perks include the ability to form guilds in the gameverse and early access to beta games and virtual land sales. You also get higher in-game earnings, benefits for the GLINK token, and IDO benefits.

The Chief Toad NFT Collection will be available from 5-7 July 2022 with a total supply 10,000 at 0.08-0.1ETH.

G-Link’s IDO is GLINK token

G-Link will hold the Initial DEX offering (IDO), for Ethereum-based platform GLINK token, in August 2022. Chief Toad NFT holders will be eligible for a greater percentage of GLINK token airdrops.

All transactions on G-Link will be powered by the GLINK token

1. GSwap: Seamlessly trade in-game currencies between 2. Incubate promising games. DAO voting rights Participation in the liquidity pool Purchase of NFTs, in-game assets and virtual lands

Media contact:

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G-Link Public Relations Officer

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G-Link is creating the gaming ecosystem that connects game developers, investors and gamers. G-Link aims at bringing Web 2.0 users to Web 3.0 through mobile gaming by enabling the GLINK token. Visit https://glink.games/ for more information or follow us @glinkgames on Twitter.

About Chief Toad

Chief Toad, G-Link’s utility-first NFT collection is a VIP membership to G-Link’s gameverse. For more information, visit https://chieftoad.com/ or follow us on Twitter @chieftoadnft.

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