The biggest blockchain summit and NFT exhibition in Dubai.

The World of WEB3 Summit will be the largest Blockchain event in the Middle East. It will be held in Dubai, one of the most populous cities in UAE, and a new Blockchain hub in the Middle East.

WOW Summit will bring together more than 1,000 Blockchain leaders, crypto traders and investors.

The events main attraction is the NFT expo and auction. More than 100 NFT projects will be on display. At the same time, the most renowned NFT marketplaces will hold an auction.

The World of Web3 Summit brings together the entire global NFT ecosystem under one roof. Enjoy an unforgettable NFT event.

wow summit 2021

The conference will feature speakers from the top crypto leaders and visionaries. The following are some of them:

  • Tone Vays, crypto content creator, crypto investors, Blockchain analyst.
  • Gordon Einstein is the founder of CryptoLaw Partners. He is a hybrid crypto-attorney and technologist as well as a strategist for enterprises.
  • Davinchi Jeremie is a senior software developer, CEO at Davinci Codes and Founder of Pandora’s wallet. He is also a crypto influencer.
  • Carl Runefelt is the MoonCarl YouTube blogger and cryptocurrency analyst. He is also an influencer.
  • Jake Skipp, an entrepreneur and trader, is a well-known YouTube Blogger.

You can find the complete list of speakers at

These are the main topics that will be addressed at the summit

  • A summary of the most common NFT uses
  • Recent updates on DEFi, DAOs and dApps
  • Companies that manage crypto assets
  • Global crypto regulations and other

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