The collection of 3D NFT models on the Binance Smart Chain was sold out in 12 hours

3D models of the BMebits NFT collection were created on September 10th. They were completed the same day. This was faster than similar projects with large names like TronMeebits or Larva Labs. The BMeebits minting volume was 1.7 million dollars.

The BMeebits 3D NFT model collection includes 20,000 characters. All of them have been mint by their first owners. There are nine types of characters in the BMebits collection. They include Changpeng Zhao (the founder of Binance) and a unique panda wearing a Binance or BSC outfit. Each BMeebit could be minted at 0.2 BNB. Thats roughly $80, according to the current exchange rate.

A reward system was included in the project. It varied according to how many BMebits buyers minted. This resulted in a total of 400 BNB being divided between buyers. Users could earn up to 3% cashback for every 50 BMeebits they mint, or a maximum of 150 BMeebits. All users were thus given 120 and 280 BNB.

According to the BMebits decentralized team, they are now focusing on the next stage of development: the release marketplace. This will allow users to sell, buy, and assemble their BMebits. BMeebits plans to launch their staking and governance tokens within the next 45 days.

Users will be able to stake BMeebits and receive the governance token in exchange. This is done by freezing their BMebits in a smart contract. Users will have the opportunity to retain their BMebits and not let them go on the market. This will positively impact their future value.

The BMeebits governance system will allow users to vote on the development using the governance token. There are many development options available, including new partnerships, new functions and platform updates. The token will be distributed via airdrop to users who have minted BMeebits once the project has been fully launched. The governance token can be obtained by staking it and buying it on decentralized exchanges.

Users began trading their characters after all BMebits had been minted. The current value of the largest offexchange BMebit trade is $100,000. This gives the participant a 6,000% profit within one day.

Information about the Technology

An NFT token is non-fungible, i.e. a non-interchangeable or a unique token. NFTs can be found on different blockchains. NFTs first appeared on the Ethereum blockchain in 2017. They cannot be split into parts nor exchanged for another token. NFTs are unique objects in the physical world. The worldwide turnover of NFT token trading on various marketplaces has reached one million dollars today, and it is growing rapidly.

The Project:

BMeebits, a team of decentralized developers interested in popularizing NFT technology, is a group that works to create new infrastructure. It is currently working to create new infrastructure and innovative blockchain products. Twitter: Telegram:

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