The Lions of Pride NFT Launch Honors LGBTQ Trailblazers Through History

New NFT Collection features portraits of some the most important members of the LGBTQ community

TAMPA FL, May 23rd, 2022

To highlight the incredible impact Pride has had on history, The Lions of Pride NFT Project was created. This collection features 25 extraordinary people who have in many cases helped LGBTQ causes, and in some cases changed the world. The website for the collection is NFT ( and the collection launch is on May 26th. The minimum donation of 5% from the sale proceeds of NFT art will be donated to a prominent LGBTQ charity, to be announced soon. (

The collection features philosophers, artists and astronauts as well as influential politicians from all walks of society. The collection includes an NFT for each Lions of Pride NFT holder. It contains a detailed description of their impact, challenges, accomplishments and a roadmap that outlines an innovative series of events. There are prizes, tokens and NFT drops/staking, as well as a plan token and NFT gift. The collection contains 7500 tokens.

Matic and the Polygon network were chosen to help improve transaction speed, security, and lower fees. This retrospective looks at rare, legendary and epic rarities is a first step in our fight against stereotypes. We also plan to highlight current LGBTQ leaders in a planned second generation release.




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