The Only Guide you need for NFT and Crypto Marketing hits Amazon

Lunar Strategy, a crypto marketing agency, has published its trademark crypto marketing guide on Amazon. It will soon be available on all good bookstores.

We are proud to announce the release of The Only Guide You Need for NFT and Crypto Marketing. This book is a culmination of a lot we have done. It’s a team effort in many ways. Although it was co-authored by Neil Campbell, our senior staff writer, the book also includes advice from all of Lunar Strategy, and even input from clients. The book was written to assist anyone trying to understand the complex crypto-verse. While we all know crypto and blockchain will be the future, not everyone who understands marketing can understand the crypto-world. This book bridges that gap.” Tim Haldorsson is the founder of Lunar Strategy and the author.

The only guide you will need to understand NFT and Crypto Marketing. This guide will help you understand the complexities of NFT, Crypto Marketing, and other aspects. It is simple, easy, and useful.

The book’s authors, Neil Campbell and Tim Haldorsson, help users navigate the crypto frontier. The authors explain how to engage communities, how you can build buzz about your project and how to avoid scams.

Lunar Strategy, a top crypto-centric marketing agency and PR agency, specializes in helping established and new cryptocurrency, blockchain, DeFi and GameFi projects increase their signal.

The book covers topics such as decrypting crypto jargon, and how to communicate clearly. The book also discusses the differences between marketing and public relation. The book also includes a detailed guide to influencer marketing, content creators, as well as an in-depth look at referral programs, word-of mouth, and affiliate marketing. The chapters that follow discuss the use of rewards such as airdrops, lotteries, or faucets. There’s also an area on how to make the most of email marketing and social media. Tim and his colleagues take us through the NFT marketplaces, content marketing, SEO, and how to make the most of crypto ad network benefits. Finally, there are a few cautionary tales before the book closes with industry and insider tips. It’s an entertaining, informative and educational read.

The only guide you need to understand NFT and Crypto Marketing can be downloaded now on Kindle. There are plans to publish a hard copy soon. Read more about Tim Haldorsson and Lunar Strategy here.

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