The Sandbox sell premium land next to EverDreamSoft with exclusive nfts

EverdreamSoft, the creator of Spells Of Genesis, is selling a large chunk of digital real property in The Sandbox metaverse. This includes a collection NFTs that honor some of the most prominent names in crypto.

EverdreamSoft will auction off a premium parcel of LAND adjacent to its 6×6 EverdreamSoft estate within The Sandbox. This is a popular virtual universe or metaverse where players can create, own and monetize their gaming experiences using the Ethereum blockchain.

The Sandbox allows players to explore the 3D landscape and to purchase LAND. This allows them to create 3D objects, such as characters, animals and buildings. After the objects are built, they can be imported into The Sandbox marketplace to become NFT assets. Users can also charge visitors entrance fees or host events to monetize their LAND.

The EverdreamSoft Estate is located in a prime spot within The Sandbox. It is close to top-rated metaverse partners such as Apes of Space and Blackpool. The LAND it is selling is “Premium Land” as it is close to these attractions. This means that it should receive much more traffic than normal, which presents a great opportunity for those who are willing to invest in the space.

EverdreamSoft stated that the LAND will be even more attractive because it plans to build a Social Hub in conjunction with Nabiya Studio (a top developer of metaverse games). The hub will drive more traffic to the location and is expected to be a link between EverdreamSoft’s Spells of Gen fantasy game and The Sandbox. It will allow players to interact with their most beloved characters.

Shaban Shaame, EverdreamSoft founder and chief executive, stated that EverdreamSoft’s land would allow Spells of Genesis to expand into a 3D metaverse. “The collaboration between Sandbox and Spells of Genesis will take the world to a fascinating new dimension.”

The LAND can be purchased by anyone who is interested in building interesting structures or other creations. They will also have the opportunity to acquire an exclusive collection of NFTs that EverdreamSoft and its neighbours in The Sandbox. The BearWhale NFT depicts a legend trader who was able to depress the market with his large BTC holdings in Bitcoin’s early days. NFTs with themes like “Satoshi Creator of Blockchain” or “Sir Of Ether” will also be featured.

EverdreamSoft announced that its Premium LAND will be up for auction on February 10. The winning bidder will take full ownership of the LAND as well as the NFTs. They can develop the land and sell it to a third party or make their own plans.

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