TotemFi Series One NFT’s Listed!

TotemFi, the staking-based prediction market protocol, launched last week their seminal series on NFTs via OpenSea.

Jolyon Layard Horsfall, TotemFi Co founder and ceo, commented on the launch: “We are incredibly proud to launch our NFTs; our design team have been busy crafting a bespoke set of NFTs that capture the spirit, visual identity, and TotemFi. They were released last week to the world – theyre excited for our community as well as the wider crypto space.

Too see the full collection, check out the OpenSea listing here:

TotemFi NFTs are rare at different levels. The TotemFi “Triptych”, which features the three TotemFi core spirit animals — Owl and Wolf — in a sylvan wild scene, is the most scarce.

The scene continues as the TotemFi trio of animals are charged by an electric blue current. This is a supernatural phenomenon that occurs when the three effigies in the wild are combined. You will be the only owner of the Starforged Triptych.

The Story Behind

Harry Horsfall, TotemFis co-founder and CMO, explained the creative process behind the series. “Our unique and captivating NFT video draws its inspiration from the pastoral motif that permeates this project and showcases the spirit animals which gives the TotemFi movement their strength. We hope the community and wider NFT community love them as much as ours!

Henry Hankin, TotemFis Chief Marketing Officer, provided additional context to the background story of the NFTs. “In leafy clearings they communed with the elder spirits of the forest. They forged the Totem talismans sacred to them and infused them with tremendous maelstroms coruscating energy.

Some believe that even though the Elders have left the physical plane long ago, the talismans are still there.

You can brave the ancient forest trails if you want to. The faint golden shimmer, the crackle and petrified lightning, and the promise of unspent energy — these are all things that will tempt weary travelers.

Be careful not to go too deep. Remember: If the fables hold true, its not the seeker that finds the amulet but the amulet.

If youre lucky enough to be able to obtain one of the TotemFi NFTs exclusives, they will be available on the Ethereum network in MP4 format. They can also be viewed in your MetaMask mobile app or on platforms such as OpenSea and Rarible.

The TOTM Airdrop

Each token will come with TOTM tokens. The amount will vary depending on the rarity. The rarest tokens will have 2,000. The attached TOTM will go to the NFT holder exactly one month after it is listed, on the 9th October.

You can transfer the NFT any number of times. The person who has it in their wallet by the 9th of October will receive the appropriate amount of TOTM. The table below shows the NFT amount, rarity and materials.

Too see the full collection, check out the OpenSea listing here:

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