True Global Ventures Invests US$1.6 million into Picture This to Bring Photographical Art to Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) Mainstream

Singapore, December 16, 2021 — True Global Ventures4Plus (TGV4Plus) Fund has invested US$1.6 Million in Picture This, a platform created by a world-class team of photographers. This platform will sell and market premium NFTs that bridge the digital and physical worlds. It offers a hybrid ownership experience, which includes a physical artwork and an AR or other digitally immersive experience. Collectors will have the opportunity to own photography artwork in every dimension.

This platform caters to customers who are buying their first piece or for those with more experience. They offer royalty to all photographers so that they can provide affordable, responsible art to customers around the globe. The customer does not need to question the art’s quality.

Pictures This was started in 2021 by four serial entrepreneurs.

  1. Jan Broman, a born entrepreneur and one the two founding brothers of Fotografiska.
  2. Per Broman, serial entrepreneur and founder Fotomassan/Fotografieska
  3. Oscar Otteborn CEO is more than 25-years old and has held leadership positions in international companies like Vodafone, Apple, TomTom or Daniel Wellington. He was also the Nordic CEO.
  4. Moon-Suck Song, an ecommerce pioneer with over 20 years’ experience, has been involved in many of the largest B2C ecommerce companies in Sweden for more than 100 years.

“NFTs and digital arts are an exciting way for many photographers to reach their audience. Picture This CEO Oscar Otteborn comments that True Global Ventures has extensive experience in NFTs and investments in Picture This.

Henrik von Schoultz is one of the Founding Partner of TGV4 Plus. He adds that it will be exciting, given the vast knowledge about photographic art at Picture This, for photographic art to be brought into the world via digital ownership via NFTs.

TGV4 Plus continues investing in serial entrepreneurs who are leading ambitious, globally-focused blockchain start-ups because of the recognition of innovative NFT and blockchain use cases. The fund invests in blockchain companies, mostly in Series B and C at the end of their lifecycle. It focuses on four verticals: entertainment, infrastructure, financial services and data analytics. TGV was founded by a group of international “super angels”. Its partners include entrepreneurs, family offices, business angels, and institutional investors. Many have co-investment rights in future equity round.

Start-ups may reach out to the Fund via LinkedIn or through its Contact page.

About True Global Ventures

True Global Ventures (TGV), a global Venture Capital company, was founded by a group serial entrepreneurs who have a track record of investing their own capital together with Limited Partners in ventures managed by serial entrepreneurs. Portfolio companies use technology, data and blockchain to create value with proven products. TGV is a fund that distributes funds in 20 cities including Singapore, Hong Kong and Taipei, Dubai. Abu Dhabi, Moscow. Stockholm. Paris. Warsaw. New York. San Francisco. Visit and follow us on LinkedIn or Twitter.

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This is About Picture

Picture This is for customers who are looking to buy their first piece or more of art. It’s open to both the novice and experienced collector. We offer royalty to all of our photographers so that we can provide art at a reasonable price to everyone. Picture This does not require the customer to question the artist’s quality.

Media Contact: [email protected]


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