Ubisoft Launches New NFT Gaming Platform On Tezos

Ubisoft Quartz is the first platform to playable, energy-efficient NFTs in AAA AAA games using the Tezos blockchain.

Tezos Blockchain Chose For Ubisoft Quartz

Ubisoft today released a press release revealing the launch of its Ubisoft Quartz gaming platform. Players will be able collect AAA-playable NFTs called Digits. These tokens will launch as a limited edition collectible to Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon(r), Breakpoint on UbisoftConnect for Windows PC. Ubisoft has been exploring the world of Blockchain technology through its own R&D as well as collaborations with experts and specialists in the industry. The Quartz project is another step in Ubisoft’s quest to use blockchain technology. Tezos, a blockchain that uses a Proof of-Stake consensus mechanism and is energy efficient, was selected to be the core of the gaming platform.

Didier Genevois is Ubisoft’s Blockchain Technical Director. He spoke about the launch and the reasons why Ubisoft chose the Tezos blockchain.

Energy efficiency is essential to bring blockchain technology into the future, where millions can use it. Tezos was chosen for its original Proof of Stake network and leadership in clean NFTs… This low carbon footprint allows both developers and players to prioritize innovation while not compromising sustainability.

NFTs for Enhanced Gaming Experience

Digits NFTs allow players to enjoy AAA-quality assets. NFTs will allow them to purchase in-game weapons, vehicles, and equipment pieces, which create unforgettable gaming experiences. Each Digit has a unique serial number that can be seen in-game. This is one of the NFT’s three main USPs. This serial number allows for the identification of past and current owners. It also helps to build the world. NFTs can also be highly used with active utility value. These Digits can be used by players to personalize their gaming experience, and add their personal flair and flair to completing missions. These Digits are NFTs and come with a certificate proving ownership on the blockchain. This decentralized network retains transparency. You can trade Digits on third-party platforms, outside of the Ubisoft ecosystem.

Nicolas Pouard, VP of Ubisoft Strategy Innovation Lab, spoke out about the huge project that was launched by the team.

“Our long-term efforts have led us to understand blockchain’s decentralized approach can genuinely make players stakeholders in our games. This is a way that is both sustainable for our industry and puts back into the hands of the value they generate from the time they spend, what they buy, or the content that they create online. Ubisoft Quartz is our first building block towards our vision of a true metaverse.

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