Ukraine Launches Meta History Museum and ‘Warline’ NFT Collection

The Meta History Museum of War was launched by the Ministry of Digital Transformation in Ukraine. It also includes a NFT collection called “Warline”, whose floor price is 0.15 ETH. This amounts to roughly $450+ at the current Ethereum pricing.

The Ministry of Digital Transformation in Ukraine announced that the metaverse museum will be home to a collection created with ministry support. It is intended to serve as a digital repository, and chronicle of recent events in Ukraine’s ongoing conflict. It will include personal reflections by digital artists from Ukraine as well as digital artists participating from around the world.

All images displayed at the museum’s so-called museum can be purchased as NFTs. is a purpose-driven NFT platform using Ethereum and Polygon that has been partnered by Ukraine’s Ministry of Digital Transformation.

We rely on the persistence, transparency, and accessibility of blockchain to ensure that the memories from the past month are not erased from history. They remain immutable and decentralised, unaltered by the passage of time. While we don’t know when or how the conflict will end yet, one thing is certain: “History will not be written by those who win” no longer holds in Web3. The people will write history.”

All images in the museum will be kept secret unless sold. This means that investors interested in buying a select item will have to blindly purchase it. This peculiarity is explained by a tagline on the museum’s website: “You uncover the truth buying MetaHistory.”

According to the dates shown, the assets will be sold chronologically. Mykhailo Fedorov (Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine and Minister of Digital Transformation), stated that the platform will be a “place for keeping the memory of war”, which in turn will be aimed at celebrating Ukraine’s identity and freedom., the Ukrainian Ministry of Digital Transformation, have decided to use the proceeds of the sale to support Ukraine’s defense as well as civilian aid during the conflict. Since Russia’s aggressions became an international concern, a number of donations have been made to Ukraine’s aid. This includes over $100 million in crypto.

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