Up Your Racing Game with the New Zed Run ‘Super Breeds’

The blockchain game has good news. ZED RUNspan styling=”font-weight 400 ;”>! A new breed of digital horse, called Super Breeds, will soon be available in the virtual racing game. This new development will be available on January 25, 2023.

All About the Super Breeds

Zed Run also announced the new digital horses and gave information to its players about what to expect.

According to the guide, a Superbreed is a highly specialized breed that begins its life at a higher level than others and will always be higher than expected. Legendary Super Breeds that were bred from two Genesis parents will be the only exception.

Players will need to breed their horse in order to get one of these Super Breeds. Technically, any Zed Run horse can produce a Superbreed, but two Genesis racehorses are more likely to succeed.

Zed Run, with all the potential benefits of these horses is set to become even more exciting.

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