Utah Jazz To Offer Fans Unrestricted Access With Revolutionary NFT-Based Virtual Locker Room

The Utah Jazz plan to be the first team to allow fans to access a virtual locker area via NFTs. Fans of the Utah Jazz would be able to access the locker room and meet some of the legends from the team through the launch.

Jazz fans have the chance to make their dreams come true with an NFT.

A great opportunity for the fans and the community

Ryan Smith, the team owner, spoke highly of the launch and described it as a great opportunity to the Utah community, as well as the more tech-savvy supporters. He added,

“The NFT Program is our chance to show the world technology is thriving here in the state. We intend to continue to innovate as we move ahead.”

utah jazz nft program

This is also a sign that the NBA is becoming more involved in crypto and NFTs.

Groundbreaking Initiative

Utah Jazz fans will have virtual access to the locker room. They can also take a tour through the locker room. You can also interact with any franchise icon: former players, part owners, coach owners, and even players. During the season, multiple NFTs will be sold by the Utah Jazz team.

You can purchase NFTs as soon as today via the website rarbible.com. They are secured with the Ethereum blockchain. Unless they sell out, the sale will continue until September 15th. The sale will include 30 NFTs from the Utah Jazz team.

In other news, this NBA legend is diving into cryptography

Stephen Curry, the NBAs superstar, has entered into a long-term partnership agreement with cryptocurrency exchange FTX. Curry will be the global ambassador of FTX, and he will also become a shareholder in crypto exchange FTX. Stephen Curry was welcomed into the FTX family by the CEO of FTX, via Twitter.

“Welcome To The @FTX_Official Family @StephenCurry30

Curry also joined the Bored Ape Yacht Club. Curry bought a NFT bored ape for 55 ETH, or about $180,000.

bored ape yacht club

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