VAILIENS NFT Amiko pets, algorithmically generated through AI, soon to be available for adoption on

AEXLAB, a virtual reality technology company and videogame development studio, has announced the release of its NFT in partnership with Metadrop. These NFTs are AI-generated VR pets that will be available to players of VAIL VR, the company’s next game. allows players to sign up to access the game – the NFT Auction starts November 28th.

VAILIENS, which is the new name for NFTs, will start as 3D PFPs and will be used as pets in VAIL VR. Each pet will have its own unique appearance and attributes, which are generated by AI during minting.

VAILIENS will not be 3D models that can be traded – they will be fully interoperable in the game thanks to NFT-based VR-pets. They will initially only respond to basic commands and touch, but they will eventually become more functional in the game, including participating in combat and races.

VAILIENS also grants their holders access to VAIL VR Beta and Alpha testing, and VAIL Social Club, a VR social network within VAIL that allows players to directly influence game development.

There will be just 13370 VAILIENS in total

  • 1500 will be reserved early investors
  • 1070 will be used for community growth (rewards from contests, lottery prize, etc.).
  • Metadrop will auction 10,800 coins for minting.

AEXLAB was able to launch VAILIENS through a partnership with Metadrop. This unique drop mechanism is intertwined in the VAIL VR Early access release.

  • Everyone can join the VAIL VR Alpha Access Game Key Lottery on the site for free.
  • VAIL VR multiplayer servers go live starting November 26.
  • Six simultaneous auctions for VAILIEN breeds will be held on November 30th.
  • A special auction will be held on December 3rd for VAIL SOCIAL CLUB cards. 100 cards will be available for bidding on

About the company

AEXLAB is a virtual-reality technology studio. In the past, the company has developed VR solutions for Red Bull, Epic Games, and the American Institute of Architects. AEXLAB is currently developing VAIL VR – a first-person competitive tactical VR-shooter that combines cutting-edge virtual reality technology with social gaming and Blockchain technologies.

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