VeeFriends Announces Burn Island

VeeFriends, Gary Vaynerchuk, announce the release “Burn Island”, a creative and innovative execution for the VeeFriends group.

The VeeFriends community is getting even more exciting. VeeFriends has announced “Burn Island”, a new platform that allows VeeFriends NFT holders to access a brand-new platform.

You can exchange your NFTs for access to events, virtual rewards or other valuable or rare NFTs. This creative and innovative execution is a result of VeeFriends’ universe. It will elevate brand value and community interaction.

VeeFriends is an NFT project created by serial entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk in May 2021. Vaynerchuk created and drew the characters and attributes that made up the project. They all represent traits he believes will bring him happiness and success. Vaynerchuk hopes to scale his ideas using the characters and attributes they represent. VeeFriends has added Burn Island to this vision.

What is VeeFriends Burn Island and what are its benefits?

What is Burn Island? Burn Island allows VeeFriends NFT holders the opportunity to exchange their NFTs for rare or valuable NFT collectibles. It also gives them access to events and virtual rewards via deflationary technology. VeeFriends NFT holders can engage in new experiences by burning them. They’ll also contribute to the deflationary token mechanics which will increase the rarity of the NFTs remaining in circulation.

Burn Island is activated by eruptions. Each eruption will require NFT collections, rareities, or a combination thereof to be eligible for the eruption prize. The eruptions will occur in a sequential fashion and will not be overlapping. Each eruption has a start, end and burn token requirement. This makes it an engaging game that all VeeFriends NFT holders can enjoy. Burn Island is primarily for VeeFriends NFT owners.

The best part? VeeFriends will make sure that Burn Island is done in a way that surprises and delights the community. Every eruption will offer different exchanges. These include 1-to-1 swaps and many-for-1 swaps. There will also be lower entry-point sweepstakes. All VeeFriends NFT holders will be eligible to participate, regardless of rarity.

Gary Vaynerchuk had these words to say about Burn Island’s release:

“We are well on our way to achieving what I had in mind for VeeFriends. We will continue to add real-life value to the community through these NFTs. I’m excited about what lies ahead and the chance to expand this incredible community.

It’s easy to see how with things going the way they are. VeeFriends is already a major player in the NFT industry. Burn Island is just one example of how VeeFriends is continually innovating and pushing boundaries.

Burn Island Special Features

  • Burn Swap: This allows you to trade in NFTs for items that were offered during Burn Island eruptions.
  • Sweepstakes – Enter to win amazing prizes by burning an NFT.
  • Eruption 1 : The initial Eruption begins on February 21st 2023 and ends on March 2nd 2023.

What is an eruption?

Burn Island is an exclusive deflationary platform which allows users to access their rewards via a series known as ‘Eruptions.’ Each Eruption will have its own BURN eligibility requirements. Burn Island Eruptions won’t overlap. Each event will have a predetermined beginning and ending date. This ensures that every Eruption is unique and has its own experience. To ensure that Eruptions comply with regulatory requirements, detailed information will be provided about each Eruption before it begins.

If you are a VeeFriends NFT Holder, be ready to spend tokens and enjoy all that Burn Island has for you. If you aren’t yet a member of the VeeFriends group, don’t wait! Get involved in the fun and discover the thrill of NFTs. The future of NFTs looks brighter than ever with VeeFriends leading the charge and Burn Island leading.

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