Warner Bros to release NFT collection for upcoming film: The Matrix Resurrections

Warner Bros. has announced a partnership to NFT platform Niftys. This will allow the studio to create a Matrix-inspired NFT project for their upcoming film, The Matrix Resurrections.

Next month, 100,000 non-fungible tokens are launched ahead of the movie premiere. They will be sold in the form of a series Matrix-inspired avatars. Each will cost $50.

Jeff Marsilio (CEO and co-founder of Nifty’s) says, “We really believe that theme, digital identity and choice and owning that identity resonates with The Matrix themes.” It was an opportunity for us to take what was already a grassroots movement, the NFT avatar and make it mainstream.

According to the studio the NFT drop that is coming will be the largest and most comprehensive of its kind. It will allow fans to enter into the Matrix virtual world through the purchase of a Matrix avatar.

Following the Matrix storyline, each NFT avatar will have special features. These include the ability to choose between the red or blue pill. The NFT can choose to stay in Matrix if they choose to take the blue pill. If they choose to take the red pill, their NFT will become resistance fighters.

Niftys and Warner Bros have collaborated before. The Space Jam collection was released in July by Warner Bros and Niftys. It featured 91,000 collectible artworks that were sold for PS2.99. In September, the studio teased a NFT collection which would be launched in the lead up to Dune.

NFTs are gaining popularity and have proven to be a lucrative option for entertainment companies like Warner Bros, which have adopted these marketing strategies to attract new audiences as well as generate additional income streams.

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