Web3 product studio 0xytocin Labs acquires NFT project Chain Scouts

Singapore, Singapore, 10th July, 2022, Chainwire

To enhance their NFT product development and ecosystem, 0xytocin Labs has acquired Chain Scouts.

0xytocin labs is a growing company with over 30 NFT drops and more than 5000 ETH processed by their products. They will be leading the Chain Scouts ecosystem through their passion for innovation and experience.

Chain Scouts will have access to a new multi-chain game with a staking game that will drop this quarter. Chain Scouts NFT collection holders will be able, for free, to play with the Omni-Chain Ships (NFTs on Ethereum or Polygon). The Chain Scouts ecosystem token $BANANITE will allow you to mine additional ships.

You can join ChainScouts’ discord to start your multi-chain gaming adventure!

This innovation in NFT staking will just be the beginning of a long journey that includes exciting NFT partner collaborations. The Chain Scouts community will be able to enjoy a metaverse experience in the second quarter. This metaverse will be hosted on a Minecraft server that was created in collaboration with 1UP Nova, NFT Worlds, and others. A new pixel-art metaverse experience will also be launched in the quarter.

About 0xytocin Laboratory

0xytocin Labs, a web3 company that specializes in perfect NFT drops and their proprietary 8080 Tools suite of products, is called 0xytocin Labs. 0xytocin Labs has created the Chain Scouts ecosystem and this suite of tools that allows anyone to launch an NFT ecosystem (minting secondary market, staking, marketplace dApps) within minutes.

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