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WeGo Battle Pods is a collection of NFTs that made their initial debut on August 20th, 2021 selling out within 3 hours. The initial cost for the WeGo Battle Pods was .3838 ETH bringing them to over 1 million dollars in sales before selling out.

WeGo Battle Pod #748 Listed for 77 ETH

Some of the owners are highly optimistic about what they will sell their pods for in the future. WeGo Battle Pod #748, probably one of the coolest designs ever, is already listed for 77 Eth by the owner. At todays prices on Ethereum that is $246,202 and the owner of WeGo #748 thinks if people are buying rocks for $600K they will eventually buy a cool Battle Pod NFT for a quarter million.

CryptoSwarmer, as they/them call themselves (pronoun preference not yet known), has started a portfolio of their favorite WeGo Battle Pods to display. but identifies as an NFT Collector and crypto enthusiast. CryptoSwarmer (pronoun unknown), identifies as an NFT Collector and Crypto Enthusiast that spends their time tending their yield farm by pressing “beast mode” buttons.

Obsessive Compulsive “Beast Moding” is a problem but not yet recognized by the American Psychiatric Association as a real affliction but could be presented to the board as early as 2024 for recognition. Cryptoswarmer claims to have been suffering from “OCB”, ever since he first started yield farming with BEES.Social on their exchange.

The Future of WeGo Battle Pods

There is a lot of BUZZ around these pods because there is a DeFi plan behind them. Noone knows what the plan is but the WeGoBattle website has indicated that they will drop information nuggets as their official Twitter account gains certain milestones for followers.

Join WeGo Battle on Discord

Anyone can join the Discord channel for future announcements and being part of the NFT community here