What are NFTs and Why Are They Shaking up the Art World

What is NFTs? And why are they changing the art world? The NFTs are tokens that can be used to link digital content to the blockchain. Their most well-known form is digital art. To purchase NFTs, one only needs to have cryptocurrency and a crypto wallet. They are not fungible and cannot be exchanged. There are no two NFTs the same. Once you have an NFT, you are the sole owner. It will be yours forever. This is unless you give it away or sell it.

This is the reason why NFTs are so appealing for digital art. You are the only person who can own this piece of digital art. NFT digital art pieces are unique. It is also highly secure because it is backed by the blockchain. It is impossible for anyone to steal it or make a hole in it. He was sentenced to five-years in prison for punching a hole in a Monet painting worth $10m.

You don’t need to make fun of yourself, but you will want some NFTs if you are looking for unique and exceptional art. This uniqueness allows digital art to increase in value over time. Major art dealers like Sotheby’s and auction houses such as Sotheby’s recognized that NFTs were not just hype but something that will change the course in the art world forever. Sotheby’s sold “The Fungible”, a collection, for $17 million in April. You read it again, $17 million.

Over the past year, many NFT projects were created. They have blessed people all over the globe with beautiful and accessible art. One such project is Project 3333, which is not only gracing us with seriously aesthetically-pleasing pieces of art, but also spreading the beauty of Japanese culture. Project 3333, an NFT project, has 3,333 ERC721 of unique artworks that celebrate Japanese culture and art on the Ethereum Blockchain.

Project 3333’s artist has created thousands of pieces of art that are inspired by Japan’s culture and nature. Many of the pieces are also inspired by Miyazaki films and anime. Project 3333 created an AI-algorithm to divide each artist’s designs into themes. These themes are then randomly chosen by the software to create a unique NFT that depicts the artist’s work.

Project 3333’s presale is open to those who read this article before November 25th. Click here to learn how you can gain access.

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