World of Women’s Artfest Starts Today With ‘Artfest Winter’

If you’re a World of Women (or WoWG) holder, prepare your digital wallet because the first Artfest edition begins in less than 24 hours! This event aims to celebrate top artists while giving back to the community. From free-to-claim NFTs to virtual gatherings, the seasonal Artfest brings WoW collectors together – all under the Full Moon.

World of Women’s latest event, Artfest, starts today to celebrate innovative artists as well as the WoW and WoWG communities.

What is the World of Women Artfest?

Artfest is a new digital event created by World of Women for the WoW and WoWG NFT holders. Community members will be able to mint free digital artwork from over ten digital artists hand-picked by the project’s team.

These artists are talented storytellers ready to share and honor unique cultures around the globe. This season, World of Women will start revealing such artworks during the first night of Artfest, on February 6th.

This date also marks the last night with a Full Moon this season – and it’s no accident!

“According to legend, the WoW and WoWG families from all around the galaxy would assemble under the light of the Full Moon to celebrate their greatest artists and storytellers.”

In other words, every WoW / WoWG holder will watch the Full Moon tonight as they’re waiting for Artfest to begin. If you’re part of this community too, here’s what you should know:

Collectors will be able to claim a new artwork daily based on the WoW/WoWG NFT they already hold.

What is the WoW 2023 Artfest?

First of all, World of Women’s Artfest is a seasonal event, each starting on a Full Moon. Each edition will take place on a different planet in the WoW Galaxy, allowing holders to explore new venues.

For example, this season’s Artfest will take place on Rainbow Orb. The planet has a dreamy vibe with suspended patios and vibrant cities full of love and life.

Every day during the event, community members can claim one NFT based on their WoW or WoWG’s skin tone trait (known as Origin Planet). Each user can claim one NFT for each skin tone they have per wallet daily at 12 pm EST.

Note that WoWG NFT holders will get different artwork from the WoW holders. The founding team selected seven artists for the WoW collectibles and eight for the WoWG drops – so let’s meet them:

collage of women's portraits from the World of Women NFT collection
Artfest will begin on the Full Moon of each season starting this winter.

Who are the Featured Artists?

The WoW artist list for Artfest features some of the most renowned Web3 artists to date:

  • Blake Kathryn: one of the 100 most influential content artists in 2022 who collaborates with Fendi, Porsche, Paris Hilton, and more;
  • Idil Dursun: cityscape architect featured by top galleries and museum, including the Pellas Gallery;
  • Clément Morin: poetic 3D artist and graduate of Gobelins in Paris;
  • Katsara: Swiss NFT artist exploring feminity and inner peace;
  • Melda VNH: digital illustrator creating whimsical artworks inspired by childhood;
  • Mark Inducil: visual artist with a focus on renders using art as a form of therapy to explore memories and trauma;
  • Mad “Mari” Maraca: voxel and 3D artist bringing hyper-realistic fantastical worlds to life.

Of course, the list of Artfest artists for World of Women’s WoWG is equally impressive:

  • Allison Bagg: sound and collage artist featured by the Salt Gallery and New Museum;
  • Yanin Ruibal: visual artist with a focus on feminity and emotion;
  • Carla Sa Fernandes: large-scale painter and multimedia virtual artist collected by Louis Vuitton;
  • Astrid Stoeppel: acrylic artist painting vibrant artworks collected by private collections across the globe;
  • Fares Micue: self-taught photographer focusing on emotional portraits;
  • Mario Henrique: portrait painter featured by top galleries including ArtCatto and Tilsitt Gallery;
  • Manuela Karin Knaut: multimedia artist exploring different styles in artworks featured worldwide;
  • Damola Ayegbayo: Expressionist artist commemorating Black African women’s culture.

All in all, this year’s World of Women Artfest might take the project to a new level. So get ready to explore the WoW Galaxy like never before!

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