World’s first NFT museum launches in Seattle

Two tech executives, Jenny Wong and Peter Hamilton, have launched the world’s first NFT museum in Seattle.

The Seattle NFT Museum (SNFTM), which opened January 14th, features a fusion of digital and physical artworks that encourages visitors to explore new ways of interfacing with the work.

SNFTM is the only museum of its kind that focuses exclusively on NFTs. Hamilton and Wong claim that the museum will bridge the gap between the virtual world and the real world through a variety of features, including QR codes and specialized frames, which were acquired in partnership by Samsung. This will allow curators and artists to showcase their digital work in a variety of ways.

Hamilton stated in an interview:

“We have been following the burgeoning NFT community of curators, artists, collectors, for a while, and it is just exploding. They have an incredible amount of energy and influence, but something is missing. That’s because they don’t share the physical experience and interaction that comes with looking at art together.

Wong also added:

Wong stated that he opened a museum rather than a gallery “because we care about the community aspect” and “we want it to be educative for those who know only the acronym NFT to deep-level enthusiasts.” ”

The museum will be focusing on Seattle-based artists, but SNFTM announced that Aaron Bird, NFT collector, is to lend works from his collection to the museum, which includes NFTs from the CryptoPunks Series by Tyler Hobbs and the Chromie Squiggle Series by Erick Calderon.

One permanent exhibition is currently on display in the form an educational exhibit that explains basic NFT technology. However, all other installations will be temporary to allow for new artists to access this space.

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