WWE NFT Marketplace Launching Before WrestleMania

The announcement of the NFT marketplace by professional wrestling has been made by the organization. It will be launched before Wrestlemania 38.

WWE Moonsault Going Live Soon

Stephanie McMahon, WWE Chief Brand Officer, announced the new platform’s name, WWE Moonsault, on March 13 at SXSW 2022, Austin, Texas at Blockchain Creative Labs. Wrestlemania 38 will closely follow the launch of this marketplace. It is set to take place Saturday, April 2, as well as Sunday, April 3.

The marketplace will be live at wwemoonsault.com. Fans can sign up for the email list to receive regular updates and more information. The official WWE Universe Discord community is also welcome to the marketplace. The first message in the community is currently,

“Welcome To The WWE Universe. This is the only official WWE Discord server. You can discuss your favorite Superstars and get exclusive content from our live events every month. Also, find information about our NFTs!

Once the marketplace is live, users will be able use crypto or fiat currency to purchase, trade, sell and store NFTs.

Partnership launches NFT Marketplace

The launch of the Undertaker NFT collection by WWE during Wrestlemania weekend in April 2021 was the company’s first venture into crypto. The company released another NFT collection, this time featuring John Cena NFTs.

In 2021, WWE signed a multi-year partnership agreement with Fox Entertainment’s Blockchain division, also known as Blockchain Creative Labs. They have worked together to create a marketplace for digital tokens and collectibles that are officially licensed, much like the NFT collections WWE previously launched.

More Collectibles to Come

This partnership will also create NFTs that authentically represent the WWE’s entire digital asset catalog, including WWE stars and famous moments. These collectibles will be able to capture unforgettable moments at events such as Wrestlemania and SummerSlam, while remaining eco-friendly thanks to the Eluvio blockchain technology.

Scott Zanghellini, Senior VP Revenue Strategy & Development, WWE had stated,

“Blockchain Creative Labs quickly rose to prominence in this space thanks to an exceptional executive team who understands the NFT industry and its immense potential. As we explore creative ways to engage our fan base, this partnership will allow us to strengthen our relationship with Fox.

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