YouTube Sets Out To Develop NFT Integrations

YouTube, the video content platform owned by Google/Alphabet Inc. is working to integrate NFTs into its app.

YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki stated that YouTube is reorienting its strategies for 2022 in order to help video content creators “capitalize upon emerging technologies,” such as NFTs. This statement is consistent with the blog post’s general theme of focusing on creators. YouTube was just a matter of time before it noticed the potential of NFT art.

Wojcicki stated in a blog post that this year saw an innovation which “highlighted an previously unimaginable chance” for creators to “grow connection between creators, their fans” through “crypto, notfungible tokens” (NFTs) and decentralized autonomous organisations (DAOs).

The executive stated that YouTube is “further forward to the future” and has been following Web3’s developments as inspiration to innovate.

It is possible to integrate or add NFT features to the platform. Samsung, the Korean tech giant, announced at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, early this year that it will be integrating NFT features into its smart TVs. These devices can be used to watch online video, and a variety of other devices like smartphones and tablets. NFTs are not limited to desktop browser-based marketplaces.

YouTube supports creator economies in the same way NFTs open opportunities for creators and artists around the globe. YouTube is the second-most visited website in the world.

YouTube has yet to provide any details, but Wojcicki’s statement about how YouTube’s development team views innovations in the Web3 space is a source for inspiration shows that there are many possibilities for YouTube to be integrated with NFTs.

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